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Point Concepción Wines was established in 2000 by Peter and Julia Cargasacchi with the goal of producing food-friendly wines from California’s Central Coast which are ready to drink when they are released. The first vintage was produced in 2002 at Kahn Cellars in Buellton, California. The 2002 vintage consisted of one Pinot Noir and three Syrahs, and were released in the summer of 2004. Production has since moved to Lompoc in 2003, where the same year’s vintage included Pinot Noir, Syrah, and a Sangiovese rosé.

The roots of our winemaking tradition are found in the Italian traditional pairing of food and wine at mealtime. Our family has been making wine for consumption with food for many generations in Italy.

Peter Cargasacchi is the fifth generation of his family in California but the first one born in California. His great, great grandfather was the first to come from Italy and he founded a restaurant and hotel in San Francisco which was destroyed in the fire and earthquake of 1906. Subsequent generations, though born in Italy, lived and farmed in the California Central Coast since the early 1900’s. Peter planted his first vineyard in 1999 in the Santa Rita Hills AVA, and a subsequent vineyard in the Jalama area outside of Lompoc.

Julia Cargasacchi is also the first generation of her mother’s family to be born in California. She has fond memories of helping her grandmother out with the vendemmia (grape harvest) in Italy, where she spent many summers. It was from her grandmother that she developed an interest in cooking and a love for Italy.

Winemaking Philosophy

Wine is made in the vineyard. At the moment that the grapes are harvested the flavor compounds and aromatic esters which give the finished wine its flavors and aromas have already been created. Peter Cargasacchi’s winemaking philosophy is to allow the natural attributes of the varietal and vintage to reveal themselves in the wines rather then to impose a particular style that prevails from vintage to vintage. Some would argue that the winemakers style should be imposed in order to create uniform wines from vintage to vintage. This would be like looking at art that is all the same. Every single year the weather and growing conditions are completely different. These parental influences can produce wines that are tannic and earthy one year, while the next they can be fruity and aromatic. Part of the pleasure of enjoying wine is the taste of each unique vintage and the flavor profile which prevails each particular growing season.

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